by Bernard Jean

Day 1/10

As you know on May 3rd we’ll be internationally celebrating Wild Koala Day.

It’s been a rough year for koalas: bushfires, drought, heat, habitat destruction and climate change all working together against them, but koalas have survived and now they need a bit of help from us.

Because of the confinement measures we won’t be able to hold an outdoor activity like we did in the past, like our “koala walks” where we used to look for a Queensland koala in the wild with local koala lovers from our community.

Instead I will be posting everyday from today until May 3rd, on my wall, on Noosa Koala Sightings, Queensland Koala Crusaders and Wild Koala Day Australia the story and photos of a beloved wild koala from Noosa National Park, Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Queensland wild koala male


I’ll start with the photos of a koala spotted at the beginning of Noosa Hill track in Noosa National Park, on 06/12/2013, relatively high in his tree, looking at me calmly and getting back to snooze as koalas do up to 20 hours a day.

I believe this koala, definitely a male, could be the one I am going to talk about in the next days, as their nose patterns seemed to match.

Queensland wild koala

Noosa Queensland wild koala


There are usually 3 different ways to determine if a koala is a male, the obvious testicles, the brown scent gland on their chest that they use to rub against the trees to mark their territory (not always visible on juveniles), while females chest are pure white and the nose which is longer on males than on females.

Also, did you know that researcher Janine Duffy, a koala and wildlife expert from Victoria, President of the Koala Clancy Foundation and founder of Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours, discovered in 1998 that each koala had different natural black and white markings inside their nostrils, which make them unique and which appear to stay the same throughout their life?
Koalas have also fingerprints that are almost identical to human ones.

Tomorrow is a very special day where we can celebrate our veterans by commemorating ANZAC Day from our driveway from 6am.

koala snoozing Queensland


See you tomorrow for more photos and enjoy the rest of your day.

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