About us – the charity groups behind Wild Koala Day

We are a group of koala charities, not for profit organisations, wildlife carers and concerned individuals that fight for wild koalas. ​ ​ We come from all over Australia, and around the world.  ​ Please read about us and feel welcome to connect with us.

You don’t have to be a koala charity to be involved – we welcome anyone and everyone to become a supporter of Wild Koala Day.

Pine Rivers Koala Care The Pine Rivers Koala Care Association Inc. (P.R.K.C.A.I.) was established in 1995 and is a voluntary organisation that operates as a local community group within all areas of Moreton Bay and North Brisbane. Our Association prides it’s work by rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife and reporting the numbers of koalas hit by motor vehicles, attacked by dogs and struck down by stress related and communicable diseases directly to the state government database.  Website Facebook  Instagram

Queensland Koala Crusaders Inc.  An incorporated association dedicated to improving koala conservation outcomes. Its mission is to be “a voice for the koala”. ​ The group’s formation followed the Sunshine Coast Koala Summit held in August 2012. Foundation members were drawn from existing groups already operating in South East Queensland: Koala Action Pine Rivers, Moreton Bay Koala Rescue and Koala Diaries. We also work co-operatively with other like-minded conservation organisations, including the Bob Irwin Wildlife & Conservation Foundation, and Queensland experts recognised internationally for their work with koalas. The Queensland Koala Crusaders Inc committee believes very much in the value of a grass-roots approach to koala conservation – those who are closest to the problems are also arguably closest to the solutions. The committee’s combined experience in koala conservation – including rescue, rehabilitation and advocacy – spans more than three quarters of a century.  Website  Facebook  Donate  

Moreton Bay Koala Rescue We provide a 24/7 rescue service for sick, injured and orphaned koalas for the Moreton Bay region and all suburbs north of Brisbane, rescue hotline 0401 080 333  Website Facebook  Donate  Instagram

Koala Action Gympie Region ​ The Gympie region Koala Action Group seeks to ensure the conservation and protection of koalas and koala habitat through activities/actions and education.  Website  Facebook  Instagram 

Koala Action, Inc KAI was established in 2004 as a volunteer not-for-profit incorporated association made up of concerned individuals from all walks of life willing to do all that they can to ensure the koala survives into the future. Koala Action Inc’s objectives are to help this endangered Australian marsupial by advocating on their behalf through lobbying local, state and federal government as well as businesses to retain native bushland habitat, rehabilitate degraded bushland to increase its carrying capacity and to replant koala food trees and other native plants in parks, reserves and open spaces. We provide free koala education and awareness presentations to community groups, schools and private enterprise. Our members are involved in the rescue and care of sick,
injured and orphaned koalas and actively grow and facilitate the creation of koala food tree plantations. Website  Facebook  Donate

Magnetic Island Koala Hospital We are the rescue and rehab facility for wild koalas on Magnetic Island. We are a registered charity. Our Veterinarian is Dr Ali Bee. Website    Facebook    Donate

Noosa Koala Sightings This page has been set up to share photos and records of Koala sightings. If you see a Koala in a public place (eg: Noosa National Park, Surf Club car park, walking track along from beach, Laguna Lookout etc.) please share detailed location information including which tree, approximate height, if the koala looks healthy and is behaving normally. If on private property, the suburb and general area would be appreciated to help understand where Koalas might be. Sighting information is made available to the relevant wildlife and local authorities to help care for our Koalas and their environment. Photos and videos are welcome and can be uploaded anytime. Please do not touch the tree or disturb the Koala, we want them to come back! Happy Koala Spotting!  Facebook  

Detection Dogs for Conservation ​ Koala scat surveys using detection dogs, detection dogs training and testing, grant writing, working in collaboration with government and NGOs on koala projects including: koala health and genetic research, koala and rehabilitation, koala habitat connectivity; student projects, community engagement, collaboration and partnership on everything koala, networking and development of new research projects  Website  Facebook  Instagram 

Koala Care Fraser Coast Koalas Fraser Coast is here to provide an enjoyable, friendly, informative page about the local Koalas in the Fraser Coast region  Facebook

Save and protect the koalas of the somerset region The survival of Australia’s iconic and unique Koala now and in the future is reliant on US the community and the shared guardians of the Somerset Region Koalas  Facebook

OWAD Environment ​ Independent professionals and Koala conservation ecologists. ​ They specialise in Koala distribution surveys and Koala habitat conservation. They are Certified Environmental Professionals (Environmental Institute of Australia and New Zealand), and work with a certified professional detection dog for their surveys. ‘Taz’ detects Koala scats and Quoll scats concurrently. They work primarily with local and State governments, and conservation organisations. The wider community can contribute to OWAD Environment’s pro bono activities for community groups by liking Taz’s Facebook page  Website  Facebook  Instagram


Eurobodalla Koalas Project ​ EKP are a group of people who are passionate about the protection and revitalisation of the local koala population. Our aspiration is to rescue deforested alluvial lowlands and ensure they are connected by koala-compatible forested corridors. ​Website Facebook

Koala Gardens at Tuckurimba​ Koala Gardens is a private property dedicated to regeneration of native habitat. Situated in a koala corridor there has been a huge increase in koala numbers since daily data collection started in 2014. Koala Gardens believes that private landowners have huge potential to impact koala decline by dedicating all or parts of their land to regeneration and placing conservation agreements on those areas. Habitat is the critical issue at the core of the koala crisis. Restoring safe habitat is the long term strategy that has the potential to save koalas and Koala Gardens is proud to be a part of the effort to do this. Website  Facebook 

Port Stephens Koalas For more than 34 years we have championed the cause of arguably the cutest Australian marsupial. Our mission is to save the endangered koalas of Port Stephens, which includes rescue, treatment, rehabilitation, and when possible, release. Website  Facebook  Donate  Instagram

Bangalow Koalas Inc. is a community driven not-for-profit incorporated association formed to provide stewardship for our local koalas. Our purpose is to educate, involve and inspire the Bangalow community in advocating for, protecting, and supporting our local Koala population. Our immediate goal is strengthening and connecting the existing Koala Wildlife Corridor in Bangalow  to sections of Koala habitat on the western edge of Bangalow, by planting native shelter and food trees for Koalas in defined, strategic locations. Our long-term goal is extending the corridor westward, forming a linkage of habitat from Bangalow out to Lismore, allowing Koalas to move more safely across the local landscape.   Website  Facebook  Donate  Instagram 

Koala Clancy Foundation ​ Koala Clancy Foundation plants trees for koalas, creates new habitat, educates the local and wider community, supports scientific research and advocates for protection of wild koalas and their forest habitats. The organisation has planted 95,854 koala trees beside rivers on Melbourne’s Western Plains and in East Gippsland, Victoria and plans to plant 300,000 koala trees on the Western Plains by 2030. Invasive weeds are also targeted, and Koala Clancy Foundation, in partnership with social enterprise Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours, has removed over 3.2 million mature weed plants from koala habitat. Koala Clancy Foundation is an independent registered charity and not for profit organisation in Victoria, Australia.
Koala Clancy Foundation is the major supporter of Wild Koala Day and paid for this website. Facebook  Website  Donate

Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation   The Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation started in May 2019 with the local community realising the importance of preserving the local koala population from the threat of development. We started out firstly with a Facebook group which continues to record the sightings of koalas on the Mornington Peninsula. Our membership is gradually increasing, and with the support of the Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network, we are well on the way to becoming an established community conservation group. Our main goal is to create a koala wildlife corridor connecting existing sections of koala habitat and food trees on the Mornington Peninsula. This involves planting in the existing koala corridors, thereby encouraging koalas out of urban areas and away from the many threats they face.To achieve our goal, we need funding to purchase and plant trees and vegetation needed for the wildlife corridors. To raise the funds needed we will hold fundraisers, increase membership and apply for grants. All money received will go directly towards bringing our project and goals to life.        Website   Facebook   Donate

Koala Alliance Victoria  is a working group of organisations and individuals involved with koala welfare in Victoria.   Website

Ballarat Wildlife Rehabilitation & Conservation BWRAC previously stood for Ballarat Wildlife Rescuers and Carers. Jen and Jessica set up an informal network to create better communication between different rescue groups and to mentor new rescuers. They received a City of Ballarat grant and in collaboration with Wildlife Victoria helped to coordinate the training of new wildlife rescuers. After receiving a state government grant to help Ballarat Koalas, Jess and Jen joined forces with veterinary professionals, Dr Adrienne Lavinia and Nikky Shannahan to plan future care and rehabilitation for koalas. With expert guidance from Melissa Morey our secretary, Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation Inc (BWRAC) was formed. The not-for-profit (NFP) association incorporates many elements, beyond rescue and care. It covers advocacy, holistic wildlife care and conservation. The group formalised and became an incorporated association and a registered Charity in July 2022. The NFP is supported by a diverse group of passionate wildlife carers, rescuers and general members of the public.
Website   Facebook   Donate

Friends of Alberton West We’re a small group of locals who live near the Alberton West forest. We’re farmers, senior citizens and even a vet nurse. Ordinary people like you. Most of us know each other through Landcare. For the last 10 years, we’ve been getting our hands dirty to improve the Albert River valley flanked by the bush. We’ve planted thousands and thousands of trees, removed acres of weeds, recorded local wildlife and even gone canoeing to see how our work protects the river and the pristine Corner Inlet that sits north of Wilson’s Prom. To see everything our blood, sweat and tears has achieved under threat by misguided logging is gutting but we’re doing everything we can to make sure it’s stopped. Website    Facebook    Donate

Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter Inc Victoria Rescue raise rehabilitate research wild Victorian koalas Facebook  Website

Echidna Walkabout Nature Tours social enterprise wildlife tour operator based in Melbourne. Our Wild Koala Research Project, fully funded by tourists, provides the data that showed the catastrophic decline of You Yangs koalas, and led us to take action by forming the  Koala Clancy Foundation and Wild Koala Day. Echidna Walkabout is the major donor and supporter of Koala Clancy Foundation and Wild Koala Day.  Website  Donate  Facebook  Instagram

Koala House & Critters and Unconditional love all creatures great and small ​ Just a little about me, my name is Lisa and I have a love for all Creatures great and small. I have a page called unconditional love all creatures great and small and I make handmade items and get a lot of help from my Mother and Father and friends in which I really appreciate. The help I get I’m raising much needed money for the Adeliade Koala & Wildlife Hospital so I make these to sell for the Koala’s and Wildlife, so when you purchase from me 100% goes to the Koala’s. ​ Facebook – Koala House Critters ​ Facebook – Unconditional love all creatures great and small
Fauna Rescue of SA Inc, Koala Team was formed 5 years ago with the intended purpose of taking over the responsibility of rescuing Koalas from the RSPCA. A small group of 7 Fauna Rescue members were recruited to start the Koala Team and this group of dedicated Koala rescuers and carers has now grown and comprises 80 rescuers and 16 accredited carers. We are a dedicated team conducting rescues 24 hours a day,7 days a week and have dedicated Koala Hot Line for the public to call which runs hot especially during summer months. Our passion and commitment to South Australian Koalas is unwavering and we are keen to see the team and service grow. ​ Facebook Website Membership

The Koalition Bringing Koala-friendly people together: a platform for information exchange, fostering mutual support amongst Koala supporters & friends. United we stand! ​ Facebook

International Koala Intervention ​ Koala lovers around the world, unite. The Koala is currently destined for extinction. It doesn’t have to be this way. This group is for people around the world to take action and tell those in power. We also need to raise awareness globally to let the koala lovers of the world know that koalas are in serious trouble. This group can allow people outside of Australia and horrified by current events to act. There are two main activities here: 1) Campaigning (share and sign petitions, letter writing, social media awareness, phone radio stations etc) 2) Recruitment (millions of koala lovers exist worldwide – let them know they need help and that this is the place to come) Anyone can propose a campaign so if you see a problem that could benefit from more attention, post about it with details of how we can help (for example, who should we contact?). If you have just joined this group, please tell us your country and language. Thank you for taking action for koalas. ​ facebook