Community Service Announcement for Wild Koala Day.

This year, the message of Wild Koala Day is even more welcome than it has been in the past. People need some good news, and Wild Koala Day is a not-for-profit virtual event everyone can participate in from home.

Download the 30 second CSA from here:

Google Drive – with bird calls background Thanks to Gaven at Livermore Media for preparing this.

Google Drive – with music background Thanks to Eliot Rifkin at 4ZZZ Radio for preparing this.


Org: Wild Koala Day (a collective of koala conservation organisations incl Koala Clancy Foundation, VIC, Pine Rivers Koala Care QLD, Bangalow Koalas NSW, Queensland Koala Crusaders QLD, Port Stephens Koalas NSW and others)
Campaign: Wild Koala Day 2020
Voice: Janine Duffy, founder Wild Koala Day, president Koala Clancy Foundation.
Duration: 30 secs
Market: National
Valid until: May 3 2020


Koalas have had a tough year, and so have we!
We need some good news, and they need some attention.
3 May is Wild Koala Day.
Share a picture of a koala on social media.
Wear a gum leaf on your shirt.
Tag #wildkoaladay
Go to for more ways you can help koalas from home.

Thankyou for your help. Janine,  0427 808 747