Activities for Kids

Crochet a Koala pouch

Crochet a handy koala pouch to keep your bits and bobs in this Sunday Wild Koala Day May 3!   Free pattern here: Crochet Koala Pouch

Koala embroidery pattern

Add a koala to your clothes on Wild Koala Day with this free beginner embroidery pattern.   Details here: DMC free koala embroidery pattern

Make your own koala for Wild Koala Day

Make a soft koala toy for yourself or the kids!  Please try to make it from a cotton, wool or natural fibre sock to prevent microplastics entering our oceans and harming whales, albatrosses and sea turtles. Details here:

Koala hoodie for toddlers

Adorable DIY Koala hoodie for toddlers. Full instructions here at Simply Mom Bailey website:

Origami Koala Mask

Make an origami Koala face mask for Wild Koala Day. Print it out from here:

Koala Mask for Wild Koala day

Get the kids to make this koala mask to wear on Wild Koala Day.  Don't forget to print it out on recycled paper - we don't want to cut down trees for this!  ...

Make your own gum leaf

Cut a gum leaf out of paper to wear on Wild Koala Day Print out this pattern on recycled paper, cut out the gum leaf and pin it to your top for Wild Koala Day.  Decorate it any way you like but remember to write WILD KOALA DAY on it to tell the world what your gum...

Make a Koala card for Wild Koala Day

At home activity for kids: Make a koala card for mum! This beautiful koala card even has a pouch for a joey!  Please make it out of recycled paper so there's no need to cut down koala trees. Who to give it to?  Mother's Day is on May 10, just a week after Wild Koala...

Share your kids activities:

If you or your school are getting involved in Wild Koala Day please share your creations with us!  

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